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There’s no place like home.
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Safe Haven Home Healthcare is a home health services provider in Springdale and Troy, Ohio, staffed with nurses, personal care assistants, and direct care staff. We are a state-licensed agency employing professional caregivers whom we deploy to various homes and care facilities in the area.

The very core of our practice is in giving our clients the ability to choose the kind of care they get. With home care, the client has more control over where to receive care, how often caregiver visits are made, and the extent of nursing care that will be administered in the home setting.

Moreover, home care is also facilitated with a unique care plan that outlines the specific needs of the individual. In short, care is customized. No other model of care delivery can equal the conveniences that home care offers. Safe Haven Home Healthcare knows this to be true and it is felt by so many of our clients who are not enjoying the benefits of staying at home and receiving quality, affordable care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellence in compassionate care and create a safe environment for all clients. With our highly trained and efficient staff, Safe Haven Home Healthcare is committed to providing clients with skilled nursing, personal care, and direct care services.

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